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Mission Statement:

Mission Statement:  The Etiquette Guru, LLC is dedicated to providing superior instruction in the techniques and mastery of manners and etiquette with a strong emphasis placed on communication, respect and value for self and others.

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Stacy Amey

About The Founder


Stacy Amey is the Founder and President of The Etiquette Guru, LLC.  “I wanted my own children to have knowledge of the skills which would enable them to know how to handle themselves with confidence in a wide variety of social situations,” Mrs. Amey replied when asked what prompted her to take an interest in teaching about etiquette.  Now she passionately works to assist other young people in acquiring this same self-empowering knowledge.  

Following successful completion of training, Stacy was awarded status as a Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer and Certified Teen Etiquette Trainer. Drawing on research and her extensive, varied background, she developed the instructional program for The Etiquette Guru, LLC.  Stacy received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Marketing from Michigan State University.  She later pursued additional studies to graduate with a degree as a Registered Nurse.  While attending nursing school, she practiced as a Certified Home Health Aide and a Certified Physical Therapy Aide. She has also worked as a Certified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer with an emphasis on nutritional training. Caring and sharing have been central themes throughout her life.  Stacy is especially well qualified to teach about the topics related to her etiquette curriculum.  With the overwhelming interest being shown in the programs of The Etiquette Guru, LLC, she has also established herself as a successful entrepreneur.

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