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ROMEO, Mich.,1/25/2018 -- Civility in politics, social media and the workplace seem non-existent these days.  But one expert says a dose of good manners can help remedy the problem.

“Good manners elevate dialogue; they raise us to a higher standard of behavior in how we communicate and respond to others,” says Stacy Vidosh Amey, an etiquette expert and author of a new book geared to young people entering the workplace.

Etiquette is all about respecting oneself and respecting others; by employing good manners we let others know their thoughts and feelings matter, she explains.  Good manners can turn almost any situation into a winning one while making the world a kinder, gentler place, she adds.

In her new book, Essential Etiquette: An Eclectic Success Guide for Business Professionals and Adults Alike (© 2017), Mrs. Amey provides guidance on how to become a skillful conversationalist, addressing issues like eye contact, active listening and how to handle differing opinions.  She explores the art of mastering the telephone (Yes, this is still relevant!), text, email and social communications, and provides insights on acing job interviews (No, it is not all right to text during the interview!), navigating workplace cultures and excelling at business dining and travel, both here and abroad.

Mrs. Amey also offers pointers on making positive first impressions from what to wear to proper posture to how to introduce others.  While some may view her suggestions specific to men and women a bit fussy or old fashioned – a man should open the door for a woman; a woman should let him – such actions admittedly make individuals stand out and feel acknowledged and respected.

“Your good manners reveal your true character” so practice them daily, she says. With technology blurring the lines of appropriate behavior, everyone can use a refresher on good manners, adds Mrs. Amey, who hosts etiquette seminars for youth, collegiate and professional groups throughout Southeastern Michigan.

“Good manners are good business” whether at work or home, she reminds.


About Stacy Vidosh Amey and The Etiquette Guru, LLC.

Stacy Vidosh Amey wanted her own children to learn to handle themselves with confidence in social situations. She turned this passion into The Etiquette Guru, which she founded in 2009, and today she helps others acquire this same, self-empowering knowledge. 

Mrs. Amey is a Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer and Certified Teen Etiquette Trainer, and is the author of proprietary instructional programs in etiquette. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Marketing from Michigan State University and also is a Registered Nurse.

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