Let us customize a seminar to meet your needs!! 

Group rates are based on size of the group, amount of time and content requested.  Discounts apply to groups of larger size.



Time is extremely valuable so this is the perfect option for students that are involved in other activities.  The Etiquette Guru, LLC will come directly to your home at a time that is convenient for you.  The six hours of instruction can be broken up and organized to suit your needs.  It is suggested that there be at least 6 students in attendance as this makes the class more fun and interesting for the children. 

***BONUS: One time class offers your choice of class content.  Length of class and cost to be determined by content chosen and number of participants.  Course book available for purchase separately.



When working with a Community House/Center the course includes six (6) hours of instruction and the course book.  The course book covers all the topics that are taught throughout the class and it is used for the application, practice and mastery of all the new skills.  The book content is offered as a life long resource.     

We are interchangeably forming Community Center classes for the fall, winter and spring in the following locations...

  • Birmingham, MI
  • Bloomfield Hills, MI  
  • Clinton Township, MI
  • Farmington Hills, MI  
  • Gull Lake, MI
  • Oxford, MI
  • Portage, MI                       
  • Romeo, MI 
  • Troy, MI 
  • Utica, MI  

Dining Skills For Any Age Girl Scout or Boy Scout of America

Topics Covered for Dining Skills:
Basic Table Manners
At Home...Table Setting, Napkin Use
American and Continental Dining Instruction

9 Do's and 9 Do Not Do's of Dining
At School/College
In a Restaurant

Formal Dining Instruction
Proper Way to Handle Eating Bread and Soup
15 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Public

                                                            Gift Giving and Receiving 

Bullies.. we discuss how to handle tough situations.

Please Submit Your Contact Information

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss which option will be the most suitable for your situation.   Feel free to contact us by phone at (866) 273-0728 and please leave a detailed message. 

Sleepover Manners

Class #4: Being A Pleasant & Gracious Guest, Host and/or Hostess

Please Submit Your Contact Information

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss which option will be the most suitable for your situation.   Feel free to contact us by phone at (866) 273-0728 and please leave a detailed message. 

The Art Of The Party...Students will learn the many and varied elements to all aspects of entertaining including how to write and also respond to an invitation. 

Good Sportsmanship...We examine the importance of being a good winner and a good loser.

Class Option #4


Topics Covered:
Discussion on Netiquette, On-Line Etiquette, and Cell Phone Etiquette

Making a Positive First Impression, Introductions and Addressing Strangers
Non-Verbal and Verbal Communication...with conversation tips

Also, the basics of good old fashioned person to person interaction are reinforced.

Class Option #3

Becoming a Social Superstar

Topics Covered:
Complete instruction on 'The Art of the Party' ... Invitations, Being a Good Hostess/
Host and Guest, Gift Giving and Receiving, Thank-you Notes 

Poise Instruction...(standing, walking, pivoting, and sitting) with discussion on 
'Marks of Distinction'

Personal Hygiene Basics, Body Basics, Other Ways to Keep Healthy

Proper Thank-You Notes

Gossip & Teasing...Group discussion and tips on how to handle these types of situations.

Call: (866) 273-0728

Class #5 and Class #6: Table Manners including at home, school, restaurants, formal dining & table setting

The Dining Experience...In Part I Basic Table Manners are covered for At Home and At School with an emphasis being placed on correct utensil use and napkin instruction.   Extensive Do and Don't section and hands on table setting activity.

The Dining Experience...In Part II Basic Table Manners in relation to Restaurants are covered.  We go deeply into Problem Foods and Finger Foods. We then explore The Formal Dining Experience and all that goes with it.

**BONUS: Each student manual contains a 'Good Habits/Bad Habits' checklist to review.

Personal Hygiene...and the importance of always looking clean and healthy.

Friends...Are you the kind of friend that you would like to have?

Class Option #6

The Dinner Party

Topics Covered:

You will have great success at dinner parties, in business and in life if you apply these dining skills.  Please see below.

Class Option #5

Business Etiquette

Topics Covered:
Includes instruction and application of 'The High School/College Interview', 'The Job Interview' with the ‘Best First Time Interviewing Tips’

Being Your Best, Looking Your Best with a section on ‘What to Wear vs. What Not to Wear’ 
An in-depth 'Dating Quiz' and a “BONUS” 'Good Habits/Bad Habits Checklist'

Upon completion of the Dining Etiquette classes, students will feel at ease whether they are dining at home or in a formal setting eating American or Continental Style.

Healthy Body Basics...Did you know you really are what you eat?

We must also breathe fresh air every single day!

Class Option #2

Making and Maintaining Friendships

Topics Covered:

First Impressions, Proper Introductions & Handshakes, Skillful Conversationalists
Friends, Teasing/Bullies, Having Good Sportsmanship

Telephone Manners, Telephone Safety
Telephone Messages and Other Good Phone Behavior

Please Submit Your Contact Information

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss which option will be the most suitable for your situation.   Feel free to contact us by phone at (866) 273-0728 and please leave a detailed message. 

Impeccable Manners

Are The Key To Success!!!

Class Option #1

Respect at Home, of Self and Others

Topics Covered:

Magic Words, Making Mistakes, Potty Mouth
Giving/Receiving Apologies, Giving/Receiving Compliments

Manners by Age Group...eye contact, meal time, hand washing
understanding how to be tactful, basic kindness manners

TEEN ETIQUETTE ...For Teens 13-19

This is an Extremely Easy and Sensible Way to Gain The Competitive Edge! 

This six (6) part series of classes for teens will give the students the competitive edge they will need to succeed in life!  

Instructor is a Certified Teen Etiquette Trainer.

Class #1 Basic Manners, Social Skills, First Impressions, Introductions, Polite Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills, Telephone Tips...explores just exactly why we have rules of etiquette.  The foundation is lain through the exploration and understanding of various vocabulary and techniques.

Class #2 Respect, At Home Manners, Saying 'NO', Good Sportsmanship, Self-Esteem Building, Teasing and Bullying...emphasizes respect on many different levels.

Class #3 Poise & Posture (For Young Women and Gentlemen), Hygiene/Health/Nutrition, Dating Tips ... Poise, posture and dating etiquette are addressed with the differences shown for both the young ladies as well as the young gentlemen.

Class #4 Being a Pleasant Host & Guest, Dressing and Style Tips (For Young Women and Gentlemen)...ensures knowledge with regards to entertaining.  From the invitation to the thank-you note to being a gracious host and guest; the finer details are discussed at length.  A section on "What to wear VS. What not to wear" is also included.

Class #5 Cell Phone and Online Etiquette, Mock College and Job Interviewing... The correct way to handle the different challenges of the times including cell phones, texts, e-mail, and internet communication.  Role play of college and job interviews make this class a delight.

Class #6 Table Manners: at home, school, restaurants, formal dining & table setting...  From the very basic and casual 'At Home' skill set all the way through 'Formal Dining'. Graduates of this series of classes will feel confident enough to dine anywhere and with anyone. 

***Or once again, opt for the Teen Etiquette DVD Course as seen by  clicking here.



Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America

Classes available to all Scouts 6-19 years old!

Dear Troop Leaders,

Below you will see a comprehensive list of topics that I will cover to fulfill your troop's specific petal/bead/badge requirements.  If you feel this would be a fit for your troop please contact me to arrange a meeting.  I will come to your regularly scheduled meeting or whatever works best for you.   Please note that the 'Dining Skills' class is always available and offered to any troop.  Please scroll to the bottom of this page for complete information on that specialized class.  I am looking very forward to working with you and your troops!


Stacy Amey 
Founder & President
The Etiquette Guru, LLC

Finishing School of Protocol, Poise and Decorum
(866) 273-0728

Your children and loved ones will be well mannered if they practice the tips and techniques contained within these courses.   Let's re-focus on etiquette, manners and decorum!

All Instructors are Certified in the Fine Art of Children and Teen Etiquette.

Classes are offered for the following groups:

  • Private In-Home...individuals and/or small groups***Try our new Etiquette - Family Style

  • Private Schools
  • Country Clubs
  • Girl and Boy Scouts 
  • Community Centers
  • Home School
  • Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah celebration readiness
  • First Communion / Confirmation celebration readiness
  • Graduation celebration readiness
  • College Greek Organizations
  • College Business Schools

***The Teen Etiquette DVD Course is perfect for Teens with busy schedules or for those that just prefer to learn at their own pace.  Cut your learn time in half...from 6 to 3 hours at the most.  This is truly a gift that will last a lifetime.

ETIQUETTE 101...For Kids 6-12

Give Your Child The Gift Of Great Manners!


  • Instructor is a Certified Children's Etiquette Trainer.
  • Different styles addressed for girls as well as boys.
  • Children will learn to put their skills into action during each interactive class.     
  • Give your child the skills now that will last a lifetime.

Our instruction is divided into Six (6) one hour classes which are designed to create

self-awareness and self-confidence for the student by addressing many different social situations

as well as dining skills that are crucial to their overall development.  Classes are interactive, fun and upbeat.  **Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay for class, but it is not required.

These are the skills which will last a lifetime...

Class #1:  Basic Manners, Social Skills, Confidence and Respect

'Basic Manners'...Please and Thank-You really are 'Magic Words' as are

many others.  Instruction on all are given as is the reason behind them.

'Making Mistakes'...everybody makes them but what can we do and say to

fix them?

'Accepting Compliments'...can be rather difficult and/or embarrassing for

some but we have just the solution.

'Manners By Age Group'...what to really expect and accept.  We have

broken it down by age groups.

'At Home Manners'...these can be tough but we can definitely help.

'Potty Mouth'...It seems this is becoming an increasingly big problem in our

society.  This section is extra helpful.

'Traditional Good Manners & Kindness'...It's back to basics and this class shows the children how  and why it's all so important.

Class #2: Introductions, Polite Conversation Skills, Telephone Talk

Meeting and Greetings...These three areas are covered extensively through fun and interactive role playing.

1. Introductions:

Learning how to make great eye contact, shake hands correctly, and remember names as well as

the order of an introduction is sure to help anyone create a positive first impression. 
2. Communication Skills:

Students will learn to become skillful conversationalists.  The student will gain poise and confidence as they learn to put into use the one key secret ingredient to effective communication.
3.Telephone Skills:

With children using high tech means of communication earlier and earlier in life it is vitally important that they learn not only how to use good communication skills with others but also how to protect themselves as well.  Instruction on the correct way to make and receive a call as well as how to leave and relay a message to others are covered. Telephone safety is covered as well. Through role play we examine leaving messages, taking messages, calling a wrong number, receiving a wrong number and dealing with strangers.

Class #3: Poise & Posture, Health/Nutrition, Good Sportsmanship, Self-Esteem Building

Perfectly Poised...We will explore posture and positioning of self while sitting, standing and walking. Differences are addressed for girls as well as for boys. In this class we also cover in detail: