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 Adult & Corporate Etiquette courses for adults 18 years and older are now being offered through private instruction.  $200.00 includes the 2 hour course plus Essential Etiquette... book & Dining Etiquette DVD.  The book will be sent to you for your reading completion prior to class.  The DVD will be given to you at your class. 

Topics covered include personal poise which focuses on presentation of self and also private dining etiquette.   We incorporate information on business protocol and proper etiquette in the workplace, corporate culture propriety, proper colleague introductions in the office, at a meeting or during a business meal.  We will review tips for sounding polished and professional & proper business phone and email etiquette.   The all important dining etiquette business meal and/or business party are also covered in length. 

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The Etiquette Guru, LLC

Finishing School of Protocol, Poise and Decorum


the Teen Etiquette and Dining Etiquette

DVD Programs which are ready for purchase. 

There is one thing in life that will set you apart from others:

And that thing is Being Well Mannered!

     The Etiquette Guru, LLC  has helped literally hundreds of children and teens reach their goals of becoming more knowledgeable and proficient in the fine art of Manners and Etiquette.   People are so busy these days and it is sometimes difficult to address the finer points of life.  Manners and Etiquette may be one of those finer points but they are what can make the total difference in life.  c Be armed with the information and skills that will make you 'standout' in all situations where being well-mannered is a must.  This is, as far as we can tell, almost every public situation.  Let us be your guide for your Etiquette Education or  "Etification" as we hope you choose to become"Etified" and ready for all of the finer opportunities life has to offer.  Purchase your copy of either program today as the special introductory price is for a limited time only.    

Special Introductory Offer of:  $49.95

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The cost for each program is as follows...

Dining Etiquette Course -

$49.95 and includes 18 page Course Book and DVD.

Teen Etiquette Course -

$89.95 and includes 74 page Course Book and 2 DVDs.

Try our newest class...  Etiquette - Family Style

Give Your Family a Gift Which Will Last A Lifetime...And a fun time too!  We will talk about respect and all its' components.  Posture and poise are covered.  Everyday manners and polite communication skills are reviewed both verbal/nonverbal and of course we review our dining skills.  Each family will receive one copy of the Dining Etiquette book and the Dining Etiquette DVD.  Come enjoy something fun, new and different with your family.

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Teen Etiquette DVDs and Book 


Dining Etiquette DVD and Book

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And introducing, hot off the presses, it's my brand new book especially designed for adults.

Essential Etiquette...An Eclectic Success Guide For Business Professionals and Adults Alike!

In this accelerated lesson 113 page book you will receive guidance on navigating the real world and workplace cultures and excelling at business through all forms of communication, making impressions and handling different opinions, interviewing, dining and also travel both here and abroad.  Become a skillful conversationalist and learn how to set yourself apart from the rest to be a real stand out both professionally and personally.  The Dining Etiquette DVD ensures success!